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Sarah Palin was seen on Wednesday night at a restaurant on the Upper East Side with a group of friends just two days after she tested positive for Covid, causing her defamation trial against the New York Times to be delayed. She was seen at the same restaurant she had been spotted at on Saturday. Luca Guaitolini, the operations manager at Elio's, where Palin dined on Saturday and Wednesday, defended her. 'Tonight Sarah Palin returned to the restaurant to apologize for the fracas around her previous visit,' he told DailyMail.com. 'In accordance to the vaccine mandate and to protect our staff, we seated her outdoors. 'We are a restaurant open to the public, and we treat civilians the same.'

The acting world is in mourning with the passing of TV actor Morgan Stevens, who was found dead on Wednesday at 70 years of age. The actor hadn't been seen or heard from in a few days, prompting a neighbor to call for a wellness check on Wednesday, when he was found in his kitchen and pronounced dead on the scene, via TMZ. Police sources reveal that there were no signs of foul play and he most likely died of natural causes.

Marval actor Vachik Mangassarian, 78, shared a series of anti-vaxx posts on his Facebook page before he died from coronavirus complications.

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While COVID-19 may subside soon, experts fear that 'long Covid' could disrupt the lives of millions of Americans going forward following the surge of the Omicron variant.

Spotify will remove Neil Young's music after he demanded that it be removed from the streaming service in a blazing row over vaccine misinformation spread by podcaster Joe Rogan.

Reservoir Dogs actor Michael Madsen's son Hudson, 26, took his own life at his residence on the Hawaii barracks where he was serving, the Army confirmed on Wednesday.

The family of Amanda Alvarez-Calo, 31, said that she was on the verge of leaving her husband, 30-year-old Antonio Alvarez, at the time of her death. The couple were pronounced dead at the scene from gunshot wounds to the head, state police said. The car they were in was non-department issued. Alvarez-Calo's death has since been ruled a homicide, while Alvarez's gunshot wound has been deemed to be self-inflicted, according to FOX32 .

Hyattsville Mayor Kevin Ward, 44, was found inside Fort Marcy Park in Virginia, 20 miles away from the city, on Tuesday.

The mysterious object was found by astronomers from Curtin University in Australia while they were mapping radio waves in the universe using the Murchison Widefield Array telescope in the outback.

Biden sparks gas panic: Joe warns he will pull the plug on $11N Russian gas pipeline into Germany Nord Stream 2 if Putin invades Ukraine - as he 'kicks out' 27 Russian diplomats from DC

The State Department asked 24 Russian diplomats to depart Washington and return home on Tuesday, according to the Russian Embassy. The Russian Embassy posted to Twitter a video of onlookers clapping as buses full of people drove away from its property, saying that the embassy on Tuesday held a 'very sad event.' 'At the @StateDept request our collegues [sic] were forced to leave earlier than their tenure expired,' the embassy wrote in a tweet. Russian ambassador Anatoly Antonov said of the request to leave: 'I don't like this kind of activity.' 'I love it when you decide how much work to do how to work and when to leave, so with sadness I say goodbye to you. Thank you,' Antonov said in a clip posted to the embassy's Facebook account.

Security experts warn the barrage of fake news, designed to harden opinion at home and spread confusion abroad, exceeds even the levels in 2014 before Moscow seized Crimea.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said President Biden is backing Ukraine as it prepares for a potential Russian invasion because it 'has the dirt on Hunter Biden.'

A train with the Russian troops and their equipment (inset bottom centre) was spotted moving west towards the potential war zone and appears to be the 217th Guards Parachute Regiment of the 98th Airborne Division. Meanwhile, a plane loaded with 300 Javelin anti-tank missiles landed in Kiev overnight (top), the latest part of a $200million US military aid shipment designed to bring death and destruction to Vladimir Putin's forces if he decides to invade (Putin bottom right). Javelins are American-made infrared missiles (bottom right) that lock on to their targets before rising high into the air and slamming down, making them particularly deadly against tanks because their armour is thinnest on the top.

Brazen thieves are strolling out of stores in NYC's wealthy Upper East Side with bags full of stolen goods: One Rite Aid is being forced to close after being targeted DAILY and small business owners fear they'll suffer the same fate

Brazen thieves have been hitting the same Upper East Side Rite Aid for months, forcing it to close - and now, numerous small businesses in the upscale Manhattan neighborhood, where residents say they are on high alert because of rising crime, are worried they will soon suffer the same fate after a string of thefts. Shelves are already bare in the Rite Aid store, located at the corner of 80th Street and 2nd Avenue because it will shut its doors for good on February 15, the manager told DailyMail.com, a day after a thief was caught on video boldly sauntering out with shopping bags full of stolen goods. The brazen incident in one of New York City's wealthiest neighborhoods was only captured on camera because actor and comedian Michael Rapaport had stopped by to shop at the store himself.  He said it was 'pathetic' that brazen crime continues to spiral in the Big Apple because of soft-on-crime policies. 'These criminals know there are no ramifications. We have to put more of these mfers in jail,' he fumed to DailyMail.com. The Rite Aid's closure is just one of many in the city. On February 8, a Hell's Kitchen store which has been rife with robberies in recent months will close, and on the Upper West Side, another store which experienced daily thefts shut down in November. The chain announced last year that it was shutting down about 63 stores across the US in the next few years, citing cost-cutting measures - but workers say that the thefts are part of the reason for the closures as inventory dwindles.

Harlem Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan, a radical Democrat Socialist, has outraged the police by extending condolences to the family of accused cop killer Lashawn McNeil.

Hochul - who is running for a full term after replacing sex pest ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2021 - has said she'll be meeting Bragg for the first time on Friday. 'I know full well the powers that the governor has - I'll be having a conversation very shortly to convey, to let him tell me what his plans are and make sure that we're all in alignment.' Hochul has stopped short of demanding Bragg's removal from office, but added that she will 'be monitoring the situation very closely' to the New York Post Wednesday.

President Joe Biden will visit New York City next week to discuss combating gun crime with Mayor Eric Adams, a meeting that will follow the recent fatal shooting of two city police officers.

Kamala Harris is attending the inauguration Thursday of new socialist Honduran President Xiomara Castro, whose inner cricle has made problematic statements about Jewish people and Israel.

Moment Rhode Island fugitive who faked his own death and fled to the UK is arrested at his Scotland apartment in his pajamas and attached to an oxygen tank after skipping extradition hearing on US sex charges 

On-the-lam fugitive Nicholas Alahverdian was arrested last week in his pajamas after missing an extradition hearing in Scotland, where he's been living under an assumed identity after faking his own death to evade sex and fraud charges in the US. He was wearing pajamas, squirrel socks and an oxygen mask when he was nabbed last week and transported to an Edinburgh courthouse via ambulance

Amazon is shutting down its 'Sold by Amazon' program after Washington AG Bob Ferguson revealed the company was taking a cut of sales from small-scale sellers

Some students feel New West Charter School's vaccine mandate is denying them their rights to an in-person education. The charter school is facing a lawsuit over the policy.

Prince Andrew (pictured centre 2001) last night demanded a 'trial by jury' as he hit back at accusations of rape and sexual assault made by a Jeffrey Epstein 'sex slave'. In his official response to claims made against him by Virginia Roberts (pictured centre at age 17) five months ago, the Queen's son issued 41 denials, rejecting all allegations of wrongdoing - but said a further 40 times that he 'lacks sufficient information to admit or deny' other claims. Andrew denies he ever sexually abused Roberts and refuses to 'admit or deny' her assertions that she was a victim of Epstein. He even denies being a 'close friend' of Epstein's girlfriend and now convicted sex trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured right. Andrew and Maxwell pictured together bottom left)

The papers, filed today by the Duke of York's legal counsel Andrew Brettler, contained 41 separate denials of claims made by Roberts in August 2021 last year (Andrew pictured with Roberts in 2001)

Jes Staley, who resigned from Barclays amid a row over his relationship with Epstein, spent more than 30 years at JP Morgan before leaving in 2013.

President Joe Biden will keep his campaign promise to name a black woman to the Supreme Court, the White House confirmed on Wednesday amid reports Justice Stephen Breyer will retire at the end of the current term. The current court term will end in June or early July. Biden pledged during the 2020 presidential campaign to name a black woman as justice. 'The president has stated and reiterated his commitment to nominating a black woman to the Supreme Court and certainly stands by that,' White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at her daily press briefing. The pick would be historic, marking the first time a black woman was named to the highest court in the land. Several names are in the mix, including federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who issued the 'presidents are not kings' ruling; Leondra Kruger, a justice on California's Supreme Court; federal Judge J. Michelle Childs of South Carolina who is a favorite of Rep. Jim Clyburn; and Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, serves on Georgia's district court and is the sister of the voting-rights advocate Stacey Abrams.

Police in Los Angeles say 'tens of guns' were stolen from freight containers at the city's Lincoln Heights depot earlier this month, but many of the weapons have since been recovered.

Michael 'Henry' Williams, a convicted felon, admitted to prosecutors that he sold a gun on January 13 to Malik Faisal Akram. Akram attacked a synagogue two days later and was shot dead.

The father, who has also chosen to remain anonymous to avoid 'physical harm' any backlash could entail and has a 'medical background,' told Fox News that he believes there is no stopping Thomas from reaching the highest level. 'She is most likely going to be representing you and I and all other Americans at the Olympics,' he said. He believes that other families don't speak out because think there's 'nothing they can do about it' but he wants to, on behalf of the swimmers and their aspirations.

Thomas will exclusively share her story with Sports Illustrated. The interview comes mid controversy about her competing on the women's team. Coach Seth Huston thinks it is unfair to other athletes.

The slain husband of a former Miss America contestant was gunned down in a rough part of Alabama while educating impoverished strangers about the powers of God, his friends and family say. Thomas Hand Jr., 37, was sharing information about Christianity in the Montgomery area on Saturday with his wife and toddler when a man - mumbling - walked up to him and shot him, his friends told DailyMail.com. His wife, former Miss Mississippi Christine Kozlowski Hand, confirmed the account in a brief interview with Dailymail.com, saying: 'What you said is true. It was a complete random act of violence.' Hand - a fitness buff and ex-competitive bodybuilder - discovered God in 2018 and soon became infatuated with Christianity. He and his wife made it a Saturday tradition to visit low-income areas in Alabama and share religious teachings. 'He tried to spread the word of God, and he's shot,' longtime friend Kevin Rayan told DailyMail.com. A 17-year-old was arrested in the Montgomery shooting and faces a charge of capital murder in the death of Thomas Hand Jr., 37, on Saturday afternoon, according to police, who later named the suspect as Jerimiah Walker of Montgomery.

'I pulled him out of the car seat and I grabbed him, and when I did that, that's when I felt the pieces - the loose pieces in the back of his head,' Kerri Gray said while holding back tears.

A 16-year-old and a 27-year-old have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection to the fatal gang-related shooting of a young girl in Chicago over the weekend.

MCCAIN: In isolation, I started ruminating as to whether the last days of American greatness were finally upon us, like so many pundits have been circulating over the past few years. No wonder there is a pandemic of depression, suicides and malaise. While it is not rational for me to think President Biden could stop a virus, however it is rational for me to believe he would help make the treatment, testing, and overall morale of the country better. Maybe this is the best that Biden and his administration thinks America has to offer or deserves, but I assure you there will be others out there who do not feel that way. And they will not let this country continue to be this sick - physically, emotionally, financially. We are Americans, we can do so much better than this and we owe it to ourselves and the generations ahead of us to do better. Biden may not believe in morning in America, but I sure as hell still do, just not under his failed leadership.

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer announced that Superbowl attendees will be required to wear masks at the event which are only to be removed for eating or drinking

Reassuring studies from the US and Norway show Covid jabs' impact on women's menstrual cycles is both minor and only last a short time before reversing a British expert says.

Dr Anthony Fauci warned on Wednesday that it still too early to believe the pandemic is under control, and that it will take use of vaccines and therapeutics in order to bring down cases and deaths.

Sherry Walker, the co-founder of advocacy group Airline Employees for Health Freedom, spoke out during a protest against vaccine mandates on Sunday in Washington DC.

Covid deaths in the U.S. are on the rise, and are approaching worrying levels not reached since the tale end of last winter's surge - which is still the deadliest of the pandemic. The nation is averaging 2,259 deaths per day this week, the highest total since February 17, 2021.

Top infectious diseases expert professor Peter Collingon has predicted that while Covid will linger for many more years to come, Australia is in a much better position than it was 12 months ago.

An attorney representing Matthew LaFountain, 37 (right), the last person to have seen Lauren Smith-Fields, 23 (left), of Connecticut, alive during a Bumble date in December, says his client maintains his innocence in connection with her death. Meanwhile, Darnell Crosland (inset), a lawyer for the woman's family, hit out at the state medical examiner for ruling her fentanyl-related death an accident without knowing when the drugs came from, and called on the Bridgeport police to take a closer look at LaFountain, who has not been arrested or accused of any wrongdoing.

Robert Keither Packer, 57, a Virginia man who wore a 'Camp Auschwitz' sweatshirt at the U.S. Capitol during last year's riot pleaded guilty on Wednesday and faces six months in prison.

Bridget Fonda, who retired from acting in 2002 after appearing in a number of critically-acclaimed films like Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown, looked unrecognizable as she stepped out in Los Angeles on Wednesday. The former Hollywood siren, 58, was captured carting her and husband Danny Elfman's 17-year-old son Oliver around the city in her silver luxury Land Rover. Fonda was last photographed publicly in 2009 while attending the premiere of Tarantino's World War II epic Inglorious Basterds, which was held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Issa Ismail, a barber from Detroit, Michigan, was assigned female at birth. When she was 19, she announced that she was transgender and started transitioning to a male by taking testosterone. She took hormones for six years, and they completely changed her body. She also surgically remove her breasts, but soon realized she wasn't happy as a man. In February 2021, after developing depression, she decided to 'de-transition' back into a female and stopped the testosterone therapy altogether. Now, she has shared her experience in the hopes that she can help others who are struggling with their gender identity and are unsure about transitioning.

Josh Duggar's flustered responses to child porn investigators can be heard for the first time in bombshell audio obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com.

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Aaron Rodgers is upset that fans rooted for the Green Bay Packers to lose because of his vaccine status, and is rumored to be headed to Denver if the Broncos sign his offensive coordinator.

Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers legend, died two years ago Wednesday in a helicopter crash that killed nine people, including his daughter, Gianna. Among the many tributes for the beloved basketball star that are being shared on the sad two-year anniversary: a statue of the NBA hall of famer, and proud father of four, with Gianna that was placed at the site of the tragic accident in a mountainous area of Calabasas in Los Angeles. The sculptor, Dan Medina, inscribed, 'Heroes come and go but legends are forever,' and honored the other seven victims with their names on a plaque, at the base of the statue.

Tristan Thompson seen with a mystery girl on his lap during night out in Milwaukee just weeks after apologizing to Khloe Kardashian for fathering a child with fitness trainer Maralee Nichols

Tristan Thompson is seemingly getting back to life as usual after publicly admitting to fathering a child with another woman while still in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian. In a TikTok video that surfaced this week, the 30-year-old NBA star was seen hanging out at a bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where a mystery woman appeared to be sitting on his lap. Thompson was dressed in a grey sweatsuit while the unidentified female was decked out in all-black.

The 39-year-old singer and talk show host reportedly refuses to settle with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock and won't pay him any amount 'that isn't ordered by the judge.'

Lady Gaga has revealed that she often takes extra measures to respect her co-stars' personal boundaries while on set. 'I ask for consent a lot, actually,' Gaga said.

Speaking on his InfoWars show, Alex Jones revealed he was interviewed by the January 6 committee Monday but invoked the Fifth Amendment 'almost 100 times' to questions.

A five year long trial of 26,000 Americans by doctors in Boston found a daily 50μg vitamin D supplement could cut the risk of over-50s developing an autoimmune disease by 22 per cent.

Woman who got pregnant by a RAPIST at age 17 reveals her devastation after learning that her husband of 17 years - who raised her child as his own - was bisexual and had been cheating on her with men for 14 YEARS

Sara Schulting Kranz, 48, said she was filled with 'anger, pain, loss, shame, and regret' after she found out that her husband was living a secret double life. She said that uncovering her spouse's shocking infidelity brought up the severe trauma that she had faced when she was raped as a teenager. Sara (pictured left in a recent image) - who is now a life coach and certified wilderness guide in Hermosa Beach, California - met a man at the age of 17, who raped her and got her pregnant. She decided to keep the baby, her first son, and one year later, she met her future husband, David Kranz (pictured top right with Sara and her son on their wedding day), at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 17 years into their marriage and two more sons later, David admitted that he was bisexual and that he had been 'betraying' her with men for 14 years. Despite the initial pain and anger that she felt, in the six or so years since Sara has come to forgive her ex-husband and said they are 'on really good terms now' (seen together bottom right in a recent social media post).

Anti-Asian hate crimes in San Francisco rose a whopping 567 percent in 2021 as police say 36-year-old Derik Barreto, was responsible for half of last year's attacks.

Disabled man in a wheelchair and his able-bodied wife strip down to their underwear as they open up about ignorant comments they receive from straight men - who insist she cannot be sexually satisfied

Shane Burcaw, 29, and his wife Hannah, 26, opened up about being in an interabled marriage on StyleLikeU's What's Underneath: Couples series. He was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a neuromuscular disease that causes muscles to deteriorate over time, and is in a wheelchair. In the nearly 23-minute interview, Hannah removed both of their clothing, piece by piece, while sharing their love story and the misconceptions they have face. The YouTubers, who document their lives on their 'Squirmy and Grubs' channel, said the validity of their relationship is constantly being questioned by strangers. Hannah explained they get comments from jealous 'straight men' who wrongly assume that Shane can't have sex with her and think she should be with them. Shane noted that sex for them doesn't 'look like what you see in the movies,' but he 'can totally do it' and is usually the one to initiate it.

When up against Trump in a hypothetical race, Biden takes a razor-thin victory with 45 percent versus his rival's 44 percent. But his one-point lead also falls well within the two-point margin of error.


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More than five decades after the first Peanuts special hit TV screens, fans are mourning the tragic loss of Peter, who was the original voice of Charlie Brown. The actor's family confirmed on Tuesday night that he died by suicide last week at age 65. Peanuts was first created as a comic strip in 1950 by Charles M. Schulz, and characters Charlie, Lucy, Linus, Sally, Violet, and Snoopy captured the nation. The comic became so popular - earning 355 million readers by 1960 - that it inspired a TV special called A Charlie Brown Christmas, which came out in 1965. It's been 57 years since the first Peanuts special aired, and the cast has certainly come a long way since then.

Minnesota gymnast earns viral fame and a PERFECT 10 with her incredible tumbling routine set to Beyoncé's Homecoming - and even Olympic gold medalist Sunisa Lee is impressed

Mya Hooten, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota, wowed the judges with her floor routine at Monday's meet against the University of Michigan. While Minnesota ultimately lost to No. 1-ranked Michigan, 198.025 to 197.650, the crowd at Maturi Pavilion went wild over Hooten's performance. The 19-year-old earned a perfect 10 for her routine, which was set to an instrumental medley of songs from Beyoncé's Homecoming. Minnesota Women's Gymnastics tweeted a video of Hooten's performance on Monday, and it has been viewed more than 290,000 times. Lee, the 2020 Olympic all-around champion, was among the fans who praised Hooten's performance.

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Chris Noth was pictured reuniting with his wife Tara in Southern California on Tuesday afternoon for the first time since multiple sexual assault allegations came to light. The 67-year-old actor dressed down in a grey sweater and khaki slacks for the meeting with his family, which included his two sons, Orion, 14 and Keats, one. While Chris was seen wearing his wedding ring, Tara, 39, went without hers as she attempted to resume some semblance of normalcy following the scandal currently plaguing her husband.

A 29th House Democrat is not running for re-election this year as Nancy Pelosi announced she will be on the ballot again, ending months of speculation the powerful speaker will retire.

US experts have designed a robot capable of performing delicate keyhole surgeries on soft tissues without human aid for the first time. The robot was able to reconnect severed intestines in pigs.

With style that looked more at home in a horror film than a fashion show, models took to the catwalk yesterday in hunched-back outfits. These outlandish designs were the latest creations from Dutch fashion duo Viktor and Rolf at Paris Couture Week. They threw out the fashion rulebook with bizarre hunched and high-padded shoulders on blazers and dresses, that framed the models' faces.

Using a silicone cap called a BioDome, African clawed frogs had 'almost fully functional' limbs restored, including boneless toes, report experts in Medford and Boston, Massachusetts.

Australian mum, Cas Piggot, shared how she transformed a dusty old garage into a chic family home using materials and homewares from Bunnings and Kmart. The mum-of-four posted her budget renovation to popular Facebook group, Kmart Inspired Homes, which drew in thousands of likes and hundreds of impressed comments. The mum-of-four said she used 'lots of Kmart' and furniture from Bunnings to style her space. The stylish kitchen was made using flat-pack cupboards, $99 benchtops, a sink and a tap all from Bunnings and cost Cas no more than $1700.

Ryan Korner (left), special agent in charge of the Los Angeles field office at the IRS's criminal investigation division, delivered the warning during an event hosted by the USC Gould School of Law on Tuesday.

Manufacturers have less then than five days' supply of some computers chips, according to a new Commerce Department survey, threatening factory output and putting more pressure on inflation.

Thief dubbed 'the snake burglar' who has stolen thousands from California businesses is filmed wriggling on floor of gold exchange to evade security alarms before making off with $50,000 in silver

A thief known for his unique approach - slithering into businesses to avoid motion-activated alarms - has been caught wriggling into a gold exchange and making off with $50,000 worth of silver. Surveillance footage shows the so-called 'snake burglar' crawling on the carpet of Crown Gold Exchange (inset) in Riverside, California, about 55 mi east of Los Angeles, sometime last week. The thief broke into a vacant storefront next door, used a hammer to break the drywall, and wriggled into Crown Gold Exchange, where he spent five minutes rummaging through the backroom, owner Cesar Meyer told KTLA. His approach is similar to that of a burglar who broke into at least six businesses in Riverside in recent months, police say. At Body Tan Salon and Spa, a man kicked in a side window at ground level and cut through sheet rock before sliding in and taking all the money from the register. California has been plagued by smash-and-grab looters and rising property crimes during the past year.

Scientists at the University of California, who monitored 2,500 Americans from their 30s to middle age, found those whose hearts grew faster than average had worse memory later in life.

Pennsylvania University scientists found Parkinson's sufferers who ate strawberries and other fruits three times a week were 30 per cent less likely to die from all causes.

Sir Thomas Hildebrand Preston, British Consul General in Kaunas, Lithuania, (pictured left with a monocle) issued hundreds of travel visas to Jewish people seeking to flee the Nazis despite the objection of Whitehall. At the time, Nazis and racist mobs, pictured right, were murdering thousands of Jews. Japanese diplomat Sugihara Chuine, inset left, also issued travel documents to Jews

Reddit users from around the world have shared the worst design designs they've ever spotted. Pictured top left to right: A toilet cubicle with no privacy, shower located above a towel rack and carpark machine without a green button to press. Pictured bottom left to right: Elevator sign that suggests a risk of being hung, toilet off limits to under 18s and bathroom vanity units covered in carpet.

A Texas man with no previous criminal record has pleaded guilty to human smuggling after he tried to bring two Mexican men into the country hidden in a coffin draped with an American flag.

Beyond Birthdays Cricut Cartridge

Tests of the small scale model were conducted inside a 8ft by 6ft 'supersonic wind tunnel' (pictured) by engineers at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Julian Fellowes' new period drama, premiered in the US on Monday and on HBO and Virgin Atlantic in the UK last night, but failed to impress critics from The Guardian and New York Times, with the latter branding the series a 'dime-store Downton' that presented a 'muddled and slapdash portrait' and a tale that bordered on caricature. Meanwhile, the Guardian's Lucy Mangan compared it to a variant of the coronavirus and advised viewers to arm themselves with PPE.

The Rome-based Virtual Telescope Project tracked Webb through space and found it in the bowl of the Big Dipper, before using a robotic telescope to capture a five-minute exposure of the telescope.

Described as 'unlike any other', the black hole was found in a star cluster called B023-G078 in the Andromeda galaxy, report scientists at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology looked at 34 different plastic products to see which chemicals they contained.

A study of 5,000 older by US researchers found the risk of dying dropped as exercise increased, with 10 more minutes of daily exercise slashing deaths among by seven per cent annually.

Australia Day, held on the 26 January every year, is a controversial date in the country as it marks the anniversary of British colonisation of Australia, with Indigenous activists considering it as 'Invasion Day'. Millions of Australians hit the coast on Wednesday and enjoyed traditional BBQs and backyard cricket on the beaches. But scores of Indigenous rights activists took to the streets of the Australian capital Canberra and cities across the country and called for the national day to be shifted from January 26 - a date many Indigenous people mark with a massacre and mourning ceremonies. Argument rages over how history should remember a fleet of 11 British ships carrying a human cargo of convicts arriving at Port Jackson in present-day Sydney on January 26, 1788. For indigenous Australians, Australia Day marks the start of white colonisation and persecution, including massacres of their people.

Two brothers were taken into custody in Texas over the kidnapping and murder of their stepfather, who was accused of sexually abusing his nine-year-old daughter.

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The Australian woman, Alana, said she used a solution of hot water and Aldi's $1.25 Di-San Oxy Action stain remover with eucalyptus oil. Alana also used a detailing brush from Supercheap Auto to make her Converse sneakers gleaming white in just 30 minutes. 'I sprayed the sneakers with ALDI Di-San and left them for about half an hour before scrubbing them with a detailing brush,' Alana wrote.

The footage was filmed on January 20 after the six-year-old Alaskan Malamute's owner Ms Xu took the dog to a vet in Jinzhong, northern China, and discovered it had tumours on its liver.

'I'm locked in an Aldi!' Oklahoma man gets stuck inside supermarket after lone cashier LEFT early without checking for customers (but at least the shelves were stocked with booze!)

The man, who goes by Khaos Blackmetal on TikTok, found himself locked inside the Aldi with another customer in April of 2020 and recently shared video. The lone employee locked up and left more than 15 minutes before closing time and didn't check to see if any customers remained. He said that he was stuck inside with another customer and waved through the window to get her attention as she drove off. They waited 30 minutes for police to arrive and drank a bottle of wine.

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The Friendship Hospital (main) in Satkhira was awarded The Riba International Prize 2021 - an accolade that's awarded every two years to a building that 'exemplifies design excellence and architectural ambition and delivers meaningful social impact'. Every longlisted building was visited by international experts. Pictured top right is The Polygon Gallery in Vancouver, Canada, which was a finalist along with The National Memorial For Peace And Justice in Alabama (bottom right)

Ex-British Vogue Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Shulman gives advice to women over 50 on how they can wear the latest trend back on fashion front rows this week, usually synonymous with the youth: mini skirts.

It takes a village! Single mothers who couldn't afford family homes of their own buy a house TOGETHER where they now live with all five of their kids as 'platonic spouses' 

Holly Harper, 41, from Washington, D.C. detailed how she bought a four-unit apartment building with her friend Herrin Hopper in an essay for Insider. After separating from her partner of 17 years in early 2018 and selling their family home, she knew she couldn't afford a duplex or condo in the area on her budget. In June 2020, Harper and Hopper bought a place together and offered the fourth unit to another single mother as a rent-to-own option. After a few months, the three mothers and their five kids were all living under the same roof with three dogs, two hamsters, and a gecko.