Welcome to ml to grams, our website which tells you everything about the milliliters to grams conversion. What makes the ml to g conversion a bit tricky is that it involves changing volume to mass. What links the property mass to the three-dimensional quantity volume is known as density, which is different for each substance. This essentially means that to convert ml to grams we have to know the material or matter which is to be changed from milliliters to grams. Read on to learn everything about ml into grams.


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One gram (g) is 1/1000 of a kilogram (kg), the base unit of mass in the Metric system know as SI (International System of Units). One milliliter is 1/1000th of a liter, a metric system unit of volume accepted by SI, equal to 1 cubic decimeter. As the symbol for liter is either l or L, the symbols for milliliter are ml and mL. Milli (m) is the prefix to denote a thousandth. Throughout our website with stick with ml, both letters lowercase. Thus:
1 ml equals 1 cm3.
The mass density D is defined as D = m / V, with m being the mass and V the volume. Besides D, the Greek letter ρ (rho) is used as symbol. In the case of metric conversions, ρ is usually given in the unit kg/m3, kilograms over cube meters. Yet, ρ can also be stated in grams per milliliter as well as in US customary units and imperial units. As follows from D / V = m we can calculate the mass of any matter when we know the rho and the volume.
At sea level, water with the temperature 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit or 4° Celsius has a density very close to 1000 kg/m3, or 1 g/cm3. Whilst the exact value would be 0.999972, on our website we go with D = 1 g/cm3, which is equal to D = 1 g/ml. For daily life, e.g. recipes and in the kitchen, this approximation is fairly accurate. Therefore, in the case of water:
1 ml = 1 gram water. The g/cm3 to g/ml ratio is 1:1. One ml H2O equals 1 g.

Convert ml to grams

From the explanation above follows that we must know the ρ and volume of a substance to convert ml to grams. The densities of milk (1.03), cream (1.0115), flour (0.593), sugar (0.785) and butter (0.911) have been found by entering density followed by name of product in the search engine, and converting them in g per cm3. We begin with ml to grams water; the details have been put in the first paragraph of this article.


The ml to g water conversion is: 1 ml water = 1 g water.
Provided the pressure is about one atm, and the temperature 39.2 °F approximately.


To convert ml to g milk we multiply the volume by 1.03. 1 ml milk = 1.03 g milk.
The value also depends on the percentage of fat.


To convert ml to g cream multiply the ml by 1.0115. 1 ml cream = 1.012 g cream.
Same as with milk.


Convert ml to grams flour by multiplying the volume by 0.593. 1 ml flour = 0.593 g flour.
There are different kinds of wheat and flour.


For sugar, to calculate ml in grams multiply the volume by 0.785. 1 ml sugar = 0.785 g sugar.
Brown or white, refined or raw are some criteria.


To convert ml to grams butter you multiply the ml by 0.911. 1 ml butter = 0.911 g butter.
The actual value depends on the temperature, fat, etc.
In any case, we recommend you check the exact substance you want to change from milliliters to grams and use our calculator below to get the correct amount in grams.
To look up g/ml you can alternatively head over to the search form in the sidebar; we have already calculated the g/ml ratio for frequently sought substances.

ml to grams converter

Enter the amount in milliliters, followed by the value for D. You also have to select the unit for D; default is g/cm3.

Our ml to grams converter can also handle g/ml, kg/m3, kg/l, oz/in3, oz/gal (imperial), oz/gal (US), lb/ft3, lb/in3, lb/yd3, lb/gal (imperial), lb/gal (US), and ton/yd3. Any input will automatically be converted to g. To conduct another ml to grams conversion press reset first.
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Here you can convert grams to ml.

ml to g

By now you already know how to convert ml to grams. The important thing about ml to g is understanding density: it measures how closely the material is packed together, always influenced by pressure and temperature. For example, if you hold a a tube of plastic in one hand, and tube of metal with the same dimensions in the other hand you will feel that metal tube is much heavier. This is because the density of plastic is much lower.
To get ml in g we must always know the matter under consideration. On this site we assume it is water, and if it something else then it must be specified, especially when using our ml to mg calculator. How many milliliters are in a milligram depends on the material. Outside the kitchen, for example in science, it also depends on the conditions pressure and temperature.
Some of the frequent conversions in this category are:

We have created this site to help everyone converting milliliter to grams without being lost in the math and physics properties. If you find our our site ml to grams useful hit the like or Google Plus button to let the world know about ml to gram. If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the form at the end of this article, or send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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