FAQS (Frequent Ask Questions)

FAQS (Frequent Ask Questions)

Below are some frequent ask questions asked by our Artisans and sponsors, kindly go through the questions and answer to aviod asking same questions to our customer care.

If I fill in the ‘application / sign up form’ online, am I obliged to join?

Not at all. Once you register, we will be in touch within 48 hours. You have all of the choice whether or not to go ahead.

Is there a membership fee to become an Artisan of ARDENET?

Yes, we charge our Artisans an ongoing small registration membership fee as an act of committment. Below gives the membership type / registration fee

  • 2,000 - Trainee Membership Fee
  • 5,000 - Associate Membership Fee
  • 18,500 - Full Membership Fee
Can you review my application without photographs of my products or information about me as an Artisan in ARDENET?

Unfortunately not. In order to be accepted as a true Artisan of handmade products, we need to be able to see the beautiful products you make and be able to know a little bit about how your products are made.

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Do I need to provide professional images of my products in order to be selected?

The better the quality of photographs of your products, the easier this will be for the customer to see the true beauty. Within the registration form we provide a guide of the type and size of photography we need for you to upload.)

Do you accept items that are not specifically handmade or for the home?

We accept All items made by artisans for home, office e.tc.

Do you accept Artisans from any country?

Yes, yes and yes! The more true Artisans the merrier. We want to showcase the best from around the world, using different traditions of handmade craftsmanship. But ARDENET gives prefers to Edo State Artisans.

How long have you been in business?

The studio was founded may 2018 by award-winning Business Man who Specialise in Civil Engineering, and love craft. ARDENET—we’ve been organizing serminals , workshop and event for artisan ever since then.

What’s your Aims and Objective?
  • We are strategically developing to affordably suit the levels of targeted artisans through the following procedures.
  • Fellowship with organized union and associations for onward development and business networking, thereby encouraging and supporting other artisans to be organized.)
  • Organizing of relevant seminar / training / workshop / symposium etc. could , represent , project and promote the best interest of artisans.
  • Networking for general welfare of artisans and their immediate families.
  • fund raising for the provision of modern equipments and enabling environments for artisans and
  • Collaborations with other relevant organizations.
What’s your mission?

To Organize , Develop, Promote and Protect Artisans.

All Artisan contact display on your website, are they verified and trusted individual?

Yes, all artisans displayed on our website are trusted and verified. Any communication or contract given to them is safe. Do endevour to meet with them in person before making payment for any product you like or service you will like to utilize.